SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- Those storms hit right as kids were getting out of school and just time for the afternoon drive time, resulting in slow-going for anyone out on the streets or highways.  

The rain was heavy today, when we were out today, we saw some high flooding that caused some of the roads to be closed off for safety. Flash flooding and severe storms took over the Springfield area today. 

“Really scary. But it is also like I have never seen it this bad,” a driver said. 

Right as school was letting out, it was really raining hard. because so many vehicles were on the road and they were driving slower than usual, it resulted in a lot of stop-and-go traffic. A lot of higher water than usual at Fassnight park caused a lot of overflowing.  

A few drivers were stranded during the evening drive near grant avenue at catalpa. One of them told Ozarks First, “I slid off the road a couple of times, and I was just coming down here to meet my boyfriend. Who got stuck? “ 

While near Rutledge Wilson farm the residents had to take Detours to get home due to the flooding. “Well, we cannot go anywhere. You know you can go, but you must be careful up here at the top of the hill,“ one driver told us. 

The fast wind caused some trees to lose their branches, which lead to road blockage. The Greene County Office of Emergency Management urged people to avoid travel if they can and to be aware of crossing high water.  

“Just tell people to be safe. Do not drown. Turn around,” one driver advised.