SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Those who use Springfield’s Noble Hill Sanitary Landfill and Yardwaste Recycling Center facilities will notice a fee increase on July 1, 2022. These fees were approved by City Council in December 2021.

A news release from the city said the money will fund the operation of the landfill, recycling drop-off sites, and other facilities such as the Yardwaste Recycling Center and the Household Chemical Collection Center.

Commercial landfill customers will see a 5% increase in fees for landfill disposal. The minimum charge of $20 per vehicle will remain the same. Fee increases at the city’s Yardwaste Recycling Center will vary.

“These fee adjustments are unfortunately necessary in response to increased regulatory requirements, rising costs in fuel and equipment and other operational expenses,” said Superintendent of Solid Waste Erick Roberts in a news release.

The city shared these numbers in relation to Springfield’s recycling and landfill facilities:

  • More than 1,130 tons of trash per day are disposed of at Springfield’s Noble Hill Sanitary Landfill 
  • The City’s recycling drop-off locations welcome 250,000 visitors per year
  • This helps to divert nearly 3,900 tons of recyclable solid waste each year from contributing to the landfill

The city also announced its sewer rates will increase, as part of an approved plan by the city, on July 1, 2022.