SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– The family of Colin Loderhose is still working through the events of Wednesday morning. 

“Tears are still coming,” said Colin’s brother, Cavin Loderhose. “Everybody’s crying off and on, me included. But we’re reminiscing about Col’, remembering who he was and trying to let that overshadow what’s really going on.”

Loderhose, 25, was fatally shot on Wednesday. He was an employee at Anchor Tactical Supply, where the shooting took place.

Cavin said Colin stepped up after their father passed in 2018.

“It was rough,” Loderhose said. “It was rough around the house. Col’ completely changed. He became, I don’t know how to explain it, he just changed overnight, it seemed to the most. He was already very caring, but he took it up a notch.”

Within hours of Colin’s death, cars flooded the roads near their mother’s house, showing an outpouring of support.

“This speaks to Colin’s character, this speaks to who he is as a human, who he was as a human,” Loderhose said. “The love, the compassion, that he has for people. This is just a testament to that.

There’s, you know, we got family from Tulsa already in here, got family from southeast Missouri already in here. This just speaks to who Colin was as a human being.”

Cavin Loderhose said his favorite moment with Colin was at his sister’s wedding in 2019. He said Colin wrote and performed a song for his sister as a tribute to their dad.

After their father’s death, Colin took up fitness and mixed martial arts.

“He came to me and he said he wanted to start getting into the fitness world and see if that would help him with depression and find a new direction,” Colin’s trainer and family friend Nick Ibarra said. “And it did.”

Ibarra said Loderhose was always a hard worker.

“Colin truly was a genuinely kind human being,” Ibarra said. “I look at him as one of those people that, anything he touched, he turned to gold, and I… We lost a good person this morning.”