SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– The festival that had been canceled for the last two years due to COVID-19 is back.

The three-day Route 66 Festival will feature a car and bike show, multiple live performances, food and over 40 vendors. A high turnout is expected compared to previous years.

“The last time we had the festival, we had about 65,000 people,” said Cora Scott, the Director of Public Information with the City of Springfield. “So we’re confident that we’ll have at least that many. But don’t worry, we don’t they don’t all come at once.”

People at the festival say excitement is in the air.

“We’re really glad it’s back,” said vendor Mark Stallings. “You know, we did it a couple of years ago when it was in, and it really brings together the Springfield community.”

Plenty of events are getting people excited for the next few days whether they’re returning or coming out for the first time.

“Really, really glad to be back out here. Get out for us here. See people around stuff getting back to normal. It’s nice.” Ken Taylor, a volunteer said.

“I knew there was going to be a festival, but I was in like I didn’t know it was going to be that big that I saw all the vendors in like the big stage over there. I was like, oh, I guess there’s going to be a big deal” said Pamela Aguilar.

One man traveled with his sunglass company, Optic Armor Eyewear, over eight hours to be at the festival.

“I’m from Kokomo, Indiana. I came a long way to be here and I’m excited to be here. It’s this looks like a really good time.” Bob Johnson said.