SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– Millions of travelers are expected to hit the roads this Fourth of July holiday weekend, but for some, gas prices are putting a dent in weekend celebrations.

AAA is projecting almost 42 million people nationwide will be traveling by car and over 3.5 million will be flying this holiday weekend. And while GasBuddy is reporting the average price of gas has fallen over seven cents this past week, many still feel affected by high prices.

One driver said she’s having a family reunion this weekend but won’t see many of her family members.

“We are getting ready to have a family reunion,” Ashley Gonseth said. “So probably 50. It’s a lot less this year than it normally would be because of gas prices.”

Gonseth said even if she wanted to travel, she couldn’t because of the high cost of gas.

“I drop about $100, $115 every time I fill up and I drive about 35 miles one-way,” Gonseth said. “So I do that about twice a week.”

Springfield-Branson Airport said they haven’t been seeing a decrease in travel despite stories like what Gonseth shared. Experts are actually predicting a slight increase in those flying this holiday weekend.

“We’ve really, the last several months have been very busy,” Springfield-Branson Airport Director Brian Weiler said. “We’re back up to pre-pandemic levels. This weekend, we are expecting another busy travel weekend with what I would tell people is to expect full airports and full flights.”

The airport said Florida has been an especially popular destination for travelers.

“We’ve had good, strong demand with all of our routes,” Weiler said. “People just wanting to get out, visit family, friends, places they haven’t been to in a while. Just getting out.”

Weiler said if you’re planning on traveling later this year, you should book your flights now before prices rise.