SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– As the temperature starts to heat up, people are starting to crank up the air conditioning in their homes. This time is also when people may start to realize there’s a problem.

The number of calls for HVAC repairs is starting to increase heavily.

“We’ve received over 4,000 phone calls for service,” said Brett Callahan, HVAC Service Manager with Air Services Heating & Cooling in Springfield. “We’ve made it out to about 980 calls so far. My technicians are working around the clock to try to keep people comfortable.”

Service Technician Miranda Vanderputten said it’s been very hectic.

“We have been out til 1’o clock in the morning many, many nights,” said Vanderputten. “We start at 7:30 in the morning. Whenever I go home, I just take a shower, eat and go to bed. There’s definitely no party, no social life at this point.” 

They said right now they are seeing a lot of frozen coils and houses just not keeping temperature. 

However, even people not having current HVAC problems are advised to get their systems checked out. It’s all to prevent future issues.

“Especially if they are starting to get some age on the equipment,” said Callahan. “They want to start getting someone out there on a regular basis. With the part shortages going on, if there is something that’s getting worn out, have someone look at it. That way they can order the part and you’re not sitting without any cold air.”

While company officials said they can fix most things while on-site, about 50 customers are currently waiting on parts. 

“A lot of them aren’t happy,” said Callahan. “It’s just a conversation we have to have. There’s nothing that we can do. We’re at the hands of the manufacturers when they can get these parts out and the shipping lines.”

That’s why, they said, it’s important to watch out for the first signs that something is wrong. 

“Just being uncomfortable,” said Callahan. “Maybe in the evening time, if you notice it’s a little bit humid in your house.”

They ask people needing repairs, and potentially having to wait for parts to come in, to try to be extra patient right now.