SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – A cross-country trip to remember, for those who won’t be forgotten. A group of local bikers is riding in honor of Vietnam veterans who, to this day, are still missing in action.

About a dozen riders went kickstands up from in front of Mike’s Unique Antiques at 8 am. Organized by a Vietnam veteran, they’ll be riding well over a thousand miles today for Vietnam POWs or those who are MIA. For this crew, the journey goes even deeper for the group.

It’s a ride that will take nearly 12 hours, in honor of those who have been missing for nearly 50 years. Dr. William Scott Magill, a Vietnam War-era veteran, organized about a dozen local bikers headed across the country to remember those who never made it back.

These men and women of the Liberty Riders of America will make the trip to pikes peak in Colorado Springs.

“Which is 1,584 miles. This is in remembrance of the MIA of Vietnam which number 1,584. So it’s a mile for every missing in action.”

For Ken Taylor, he has some extra motivation of his own for this journey, one with family ties.

“For me, it’s my father who was in Vietnam, a marine. I have three uncles that were marines in Vietnam. That’s kind of where I get my special connection.”

This is the second year in a row for this tour, but this time, these travelers will all have heavy hearts. They’ll also be making the trip in honor of the one who started it all.

“They are also riding in remembrance of Terrey Willey, who was a 1st commander, who put this ride together. He returned home and succumbed to SARS-COV-2. They will one way or the other make it to the top of pike’s peak in remembrance.”

Last year, Dr. Magill says rain and ice kept them from reaching the top of the mountain, but as you heard, this group is bound and determined to do it this year for Terrey, and every veteran that never made it back from Vietnam.