SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Be attentive when you go pick up your letters— scammers could be targeting you through the mail.

A form that looks like an official document is being used in a scam targeting senior citizens across the Greene County area. 

One was sent to a home in Greene County. It looks like an official form from the collector’s office, even the wording on the form can be deceiving. It says you could receive benefits up to $35,000. The FBI estimates that over 90,000 older people fell victim to fraud in 2021. 

This form, which looks like an official document, is targeting senior citizens across the Greene County area. 

We were able today to talk with the Greene County Clerk of Revenue, Allen Icet, about who these slips are targeting and what should people be aware of, and what to do if they get something like this in the mail. 

“(It) was labeled initially as a tax scam. It really was a phishing attempt,” said Icet. “A company is attempting to get a person’s information and then, in turn, sells that information to look like to insurance company. We’re just trying to get the alert out that people are aware of what this is.”

The person who received this slip in the mail sent it back to the Greene County collector’s office, where they thought it was supposed to go. Had they sent it back to the actual sender, their information would have been sold off without them even knowing. 

Icet also said the collector’s office would never call you or randomly send you forms that way, and to be aware of these forms that may show up in your mail. Scams and phishing attempts come in all different forms.