SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- Back-to-school is almost here.

Families are looking for some relief for the upcoming school year because of the rising prices and inflation in the Ozarks.

Even educators like Ruth Randall say that back-to-school shopping can be difficult for them.

“It’s a stressful time. Back to school shopping. Knowing that I will be dropping several hundred dollars just on supplies for my kids.” Ruth said.

Because she needs to shop for her family of six as well as her classroom.

“When I go back to school shopping, the kids always tease me, my kids, because I’m shopping for them. But I’m also like, oh, this will be great in the classroom.” Says Ruth.

Back-to-school sales are currently taking place at retailers like Walmart, Target, and the five listed below.

Cutting costs for items like furniture, electronics, and school supplies.

Since parents and students will be shopping for these in-demand items, major retailers are advertising deals for up to 50% off the retail price.

August 5 through August 7 will be Missouri’s tax-free weekend, allowing families to shop for a little less money.