SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Hundreds gathered in downtown Springfield’s Park Central Square on Monday for a protest in support of abortion rights.

Organizers said they wanted to hold the event on the Fourth of July to express, what they call, a lack of freedom.

Multiple people came forward to speak at the march and rally.

Protesters then planned to March to the Federal Courthouse, in a repeat of what many did on June 24.

“Abortion is healthcare,” said Arcadia Fen, who helped organize the event. “A lot of people are going to be affected by this decision. Pretty much everybody in this country will be affected.”

Organizers said it was great to see so many people interested in gathering on a holiday.

“Coming to a protest, gathering as a group, it makes you feel not only encouraged, but like you do have a voice,” said Anna Buie, an organizer of the protest. “Your opinion does matter.”  

Counter-protesters did gather at one point of the event. They were there in support of the Supreme Court’s decision.