KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Missouri Attorney General and Republican candidate Eric Schmitt has accepted FOX4’s invitation to do a primetime U.S. Senate debate with Missouri Nexstar stations in Kansas City, St. Louis, Springfield and Joplin.

We’ve made the same offer to Democratic candidate Trudy Busch Valentine. Her campaign told FOX4 on Tuesday they “fully expect there will be debates and we looking forward to debating Mr. Schmitt on the issues. We are in the process of reviewing multiple debate invitations and are working out the details.”

In accepting FOX4’s invitation, Schmitt said:

”Missourians will not be surprised that The Heiress Valentine is refusing to debate because they know her extreme positions only connect with a small inner circle of liberal elites, and not Missouri families statewide who are struggling under the disastrous Biden-Schumer economic policies she supports.“

If Busch Valentine agrees, the hourlong primetime televised debate is scheduled for 7 p.m. Oct. 4. It will be moderated by FOX4’s John Holt and KTVI’s Jasmine Huda from St. Louis.

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