OZARK, Mo. – The Ozark Police Department is, once again, holding a different kind of police academy, one for the community.

The Citizen’s Academy is now underway for people in town to learn more about how the police department works.

“It could be evidence issues, patrol responsibilities, methods of criminal investigation,” said Lt. Jared Drye.

“There’s a lot of operational things that no one really thinks about or talks about. It’s a really good opportunity to be able to show those. How the officers here work, how the staff works. Open the door to the community so they can see things they may not always know about.”

Every week, for 10 weeks, people who signed up attend classes at the police station. Officers hope it builds trust and transparency with the community.

Discussions include highly talked about items.

“We’ll talk about how police are allowed to use force,” said Drye. “When force might be used. We also do a case study about different things we have seen in media examples. We can have an open discussion about acceptable and unacceptable use of force.”

This is an annual academy. A similar academy for citizens is also underway in Springfield.