OZARK, Mo.- A trampoline, scooter carts, and puzzles sound like a lot of fun, but for some students having these at school makes a big difference. Especially for students with sensory issues. 

Kids at Ozark South Elementary can now take part in a motor skills lab and also learn about science and weather, all thanks to two large financial gifts. 

“I want to be a scientist and a couple more things,” Said second-grade student Wambui Karanja.

Wambui is just in the second grade, and she says her favorite class is science.  

“We use tools that we never use in the classroom,” explained Wambui “We have different desks. We do activities at experiments and it’s really fun”.

Now she and all the other students at Ozark South Elementary will be able to explore more hands-on experiments in their class with their teacher Ms. Thomas. 

“It’s an incredible opportunity. They’re going to see things like robotic kits for the younger students. They’re going to see more STEM activities. They’re going to see a weather station” said Thomas.

Thomas received a five-thousand-dollar grant from the project Lead The Way. An organization that creates an engaging, hands-on classroom environment across the United States, and the students are excited.  

“I just love that we do activities that are really interesting and fun.” said an Ozark South Elementary student.

The school was also awarded a large grant to help build a lab for students to use for motor skills and sensory issues.  

“Impact 100 stepped up and really hit a home run for us. And the donation of $30,000 to purchase good equipment.” said Ozark South Elementary Behavior Intervenulest Wendi Little, “A goal for a swing within the classroom to for vestibular stimulation, crash pads, sensory pods, places where kids can reset or focus.”

Both will make a huge difference in the students overall learning experience and environment.  

“It’s so great for kids to have this, this chance, this opportunity. And every kid gets it here in Ozark” said Thomas.

Ozark South has students in kindergarten through fourth grade. Both teachers are excited to bring these new things to their classrooms for all their students to enjoy.