NIXA, Mo. – After the resignation of two members of the city council, the city of Nixa is looking to its citizens to temporarily fill those empty seats. 

Drew Douglas says so far only one person has shown serious interest. 

Council member Justin Orf says on social media he resigned to pursue other educational and professional goals. A post on council member Amy Hoogstraet’s page says she stepped down because of hate and defamation she says she experienced on a constant basis.  

The city says people interested who submit a valid letter of interest will have a chance to speak at the city council and then the council will vote on the temporary replacements on September 26. Elections next April will determine who holds the seat for the rest of the former council member’s term. Douglas says those interested should be ready to work seriously. 

“There’s a time commitment in all the council meetings and to read the material and kind of study up and be prepared to be able to make an informed vote at every council meeting on each issue. It’s not a small task and it is not a full-time job. It is a serious civic duty and; we hope that people will take it seriously” said Douglas.

Douglas says there are many requirements to be on the city council, some including having to be a resident of the district you are running for and having been a resident for at least one year.

City officials have extended the filing deadline from tonight to Friday night.