NIXA, Mo.– A MoDOT project to widen State Highway 14 had left part of Main Street closed for months. But Thursday morning, the road was finally reopened.

Local businesses said it was just in time.

“It’s definitely been a bit of a ghost town in here,” said _,

The widening project shut the road down back in June. Owners have been frustrated by the project since shortly after it began, voicing concerns over their businesses still trying to recover from COVID-19 disruptions being followed up so soon by parking spots and roadway closures.

“There was a lot of days that there was nobody coming through our door daily and repetitively daily, and yes, it was very concerning and scary,” said.

When those owners came to work Thursday morning, they were shocked to find Main Street finally reopened.

“A car parked out front and I was ecstatic,” said. “I looked out the window and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, there’s a car parked out there.'”

“It was good to see cars and traffic and people not having to worry about a place to park, to be able to come in,” said.

Even Ladybug Floral, a business that primarily operates over the phone and online, said they noticed an impact from having the road open once again.

Other businesses said they had to adapt to online platforms just to keep their doors open.

“We did a lot more online sales. We did a lot more Facebook live videos and social media selling,” said.

While businesses along Main Street are feeling some relief, drivers might have a ways to go before they’re no longer impacted. The Highway 14 widening project is expected to be completed later, sometime in 2023.