JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.- On Wednesday, Governor Mike Parson and the Missouri General Assembly awarded $3.25 million to MoDOT’s Freight Enhancement Program, the most money gifted in the program’s 10-year history. The Freight Enhancement Program researches the service, safety, and stability of the statewide freight network.

According to MoDOT, Missouri freight industries are responsible for over 480,000 jobs around the state and $26 billion in income. Kansas City and St. Louis have the second and third largest rail hubs in the nation and are responsible for moving $12.22 billion in manufactured goods and imports.

MoDOT’s goals align with Gov. Parson’s Supply Chain Task Force’s “Final Report,” which intends to improve and resolve issues in Missouri’s supply chain in an effort to help citizens statewide.

MoDOT Administrator of Freight and Waterways Cheryl Ball said “The goal is to make a better, more resilient freight system in Missouri.”