ST. LOUIS – Having trouble buying an at-home COVID-19 test? Missouri will mail one to you for free. Click here to get your test. 

With COVID cases tripling in St. Louis, the demand for tests and booster shots has also increased. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services will ship a testing kit to your home at no cost.

You’ll have to answer some basic questions but should still qualify for a free nasal swab test kit. Once approved, the kit will arrive at your home within two days with a prepaid FedEx return envelope. The test itself is good for up to six months.

Once you administer the test, it must be packaged in the FedEx envelope according to specifications and returned to a FedEx collection site within 24 hours. The test will be shipped overnight to a lab for processing and you should have your results emailed to you. Any delay in shipping could void the test itself.

The testing agency, Fulgent Genetics, says it can test for the omicron variant.

You can also find available free testing sites by zip code via Castlight Health.