Missouri men lose licenses for 15 years, receive jail time for illegal hunt in Idaho

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Pronghorn. (Credit: John Beer, Idaho Department of Fish and Game)

BLAINE COUNTY, Idaho – The discovery of an abandoned pronghorn carcass near an Idaho lake in Aug. 2019 has led to jail time, fines, and a loss of hunting privileges for some Missouri men.

Grifen Whiteside, 21, and Dylan Davidson, 25, pleaded guilty to six misdemeanors tied to an illegal hunt. Both men received a 15-year license revocation, served 14 days in jail, must serve 10 years of probation, and pay $2,325 in fines. A third accomplice, 20-year-old Sydney Wallace, lost his license for a year and was fined $715.

According to Mike Demick, a biologist for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG), conservation agents found a dead pronghorn buck on Aug. 14, 2019, near Pettit Lake. They found a small bullet hole in the animal’s hide but no bullet.

Later in the week, the department received a tip that three Missouri men were responsible for not only shooting the pronghorn but other animals as well. Information led investigators to another witness who confirmed the initial tipster’s story.

The IDFG confirmed not one of the Missouri men did not have hunting licenses during their wildlife shooting spree.

Agents in Idaho worked with the Missouri Department of Conservation to set up interviews with the three men. Davidson admitted the trio “shot at 15 pronghorn and about 10 deer.” He said they did not check to see if they struck or killed any of the animals they were shooting at.

Investigators with the IDFG and MDC collected digital evidence from the men’s cellphones. Idaho authorities searched Custer and Blaine counties and discovered Whiteside, Davidson, and Wallace were responsible for killing two pronghorn, two red foxes, a duck, an osprey, three chipmunks, two ground squirrels, and a chinook salmon.

Davidson’s legal troubles were just beginning. While his court case was ongoing in Idaho, conservation agents in Missouri determined Davidson had recently harvested a deer and several ducks in the state, which was a violation of his probation. As a result, Davidson received a lifetime hunting, fishing, and trapping ban in Idaho, as well as 30 additional days of jail time, a three-year probation extension, and over $7,700 in fines, penalties, and restitution.

The three men didn’t just lose their hunting privileges in Idaho. They won’t be allowed to hunt almost anywhere in the United States. Idaho is a member of the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact, meaning if a person’s hunting, fishing, or trapping license is revoked in any of the 48 member states, the remaining states will revoke the same license or privileges for the same period.

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