JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – A Democratic and Republican Missouri lawmaker spoke with FOX 2 about legislation to spare residents from having to pay back overpaid unemployment pandemic funds. Missouri mistakenly paid out too much money and wants it back, even though they admit it wasn’t the fault of residents.

You Paid For It has done several reports on this issue that’s affecting some 46,000 Missourians. Some of those in our area include a family from St. Charles County, who called FOX 2 for help. The state is demanding repayment of $12,000 and slapped a lien on their house.

After our report and intervention by their state representative, the lien was dropped.

State Rep. Peter Meredith (D-St. Louis) said he first offered a resolution calling on Governor Mike Parson to end the states effort to recover the money by executive order. But Parson has said families should pay back the money.

The House of Representatives voted 157-3 for a measure to forgive the federal money owned.

FOX 2 contacted Missouri Senator Lincoln Hough (R-Springfield) who said the Senate is looking at legislation to forgive the federal and state money owed. Hough said he’s spoken to Governor Parson personally. He said while they’re in the same party, they disagree on this issue.

Meanwhile, the governor may be softening where repaying the federal money is concerned but we’re not sure whether he’s changed as far as getting back the state money goes.

Senator Hough is confident the legislature will pass a bill. He believes lawmakers would have the votes to override a veto by the governor if it came to that.