WASHINGTON COUNTY, Mo. — A Missouri couple who recently won a $3 million lottery prize from a “Big Riches” scratcher said it’s not their first time hitting the jackpot.

The couple, who asked not to be named, purchased the winning ticket at the Short Stop Convenience Shop in Potosi while picking up groceries.  They scratched off the ticket inside the store and then celebrated with a big hug.  

“There were tears of joy everywhere,” said cashier Abi Schrum, who sold the scratcher.  

Hitting the jackpot was a big surprise, but there was another unexpected twist.  This was not the first time the lucky couple won a jackpot.  They won a $250,000 lottery prize a few years ago. 

“What are the odds to win two in one lifetime?” asked Schrum.  

The winning couple asked not to be identified by name.  A recent change in Missouri law keeps names of winning lottery players private.  The couple did agree to share images of their celebration after they realized they won.

Another big winning ticket was sold in Potosi earlier this year.  A Cash4Life player won $1,000 a day for life, after purchasing a ticket at Smoker Friendly in Potosi.