BRANSON, Mo.– In the wake of a 15-year-old’s death at Table Rock Lake related to a boat crashing into an area with swimmers, the Missouri State Highway Patrol is giving swimmers and boaters alike tips on how to enjoy the water safely.

MSHP said it’s important for people to ask questions, especially for people who are just visiting and are renting a boat.

Lisa Kearney-Doyle is one resident who’s lived in Table Rock Lake for years, and said her family are one of many hitting the water.

“Table Rock Lake is pretty busy,” Kearney-Doyle said. “Especially main summer.”

“It’s been incredibly busy,” Cpl. Ryan Clement of the MSHP Marine Division said. “It’s super hot outside. And I think people just want to get out and about and enjoy the weather and enjoy the water.”

With all the people, Clement said it’s important to watch out, especially for newcomer-boaters.

“One of the biggest factors out here is simply inexperience,” Clements said. “People aren’t used to driving a boat. They drive a car every day, but they don’t drive a boat every day.”

Clement said having a boat operator license is important in knowing what to do on the water.

“The test goes over a number of safety things that you would need to know and some also some really good commonsense tips,” Clement said. “If you are operating a personal watercraft, a jet ski or a wave run or anything like that, you need to make sure if you’re above idle speed, you cannot be within 50 feet of another boat.”

Kearney-Doyle said one step her family takes is to ensure they’re as visible as possible on the water.

“We always make our kids and anyone that’s with us put up the skis, or if it’s the wakeboard or the surfboard, put them up to where the color side is facing out so that that can be seen,” Kearney-Doyle said.

“If there’s people in the water anywhere in the vicinity of your boat, just turn your motors off until they’re out of the way,” Clement said.

Boaters and water patrol alike hope families continue to be safe, so no one else gets hurt.

“We don’t want those things to happen,” Kearney-Doyle said. “But, you know, when you have that many people out on the lake, things are going to happen. You know, it’s just a percentage thing. We don’t want there to be any tragedies here and want Table Rock Lake to have a very good reputation.”

If you are planning on drinking on the water, MSHP said to always make sure at least one person on the boat is sober.