BRANSON, Mo. — Friday was a wet start to the holiday weekend. But families said they didn’t mind getting a little rain.

“As soon as we got the tarp over the tent, it just sort of downpoured,” Michelle Huey from Kansas City said. She and her family are continuing their Labor Day camping tradition at Table Rock Lake this year. “We were lucky to get the tarp over the tent.”

Huey said more family members will trickle in Friday night as they wait for the rain to pass.

“It’s just kind of annoying because we’re normally out and we’re just – we’re playing games,” Jason Tatum said. He is also camping with Huey. “When it stops, we come out for a second.”

Huey and Tatum came prepared for the rain. They brought ponchos, tarps, and canopies to keep everything dry.

“If we get wet, oh, well, we’ll just dry off,” Huey said. “We brought extra towels. We’ll just put on some more clothes.”

Huey and Tatum plan on playing games with the family, fishing, shopping, and kayaking on the lake for the holiday weekend.

“We just purchased an inflatable kayak, so I want to go down there and put the kayak in the water,” Huey said.

While Huey and Tatum traveled from Kansas City, other families had a shorter drive to Table Rock Lake.

“Tonight, we’re just going to hang out, maybe build a campfire if it’s not raining, and cook out,” Robert Rosetti said. He and his wife Christine drove from Springfield to the lake. “Tomorrow morning, we’re going fishing for the whole day, renting a boat, and Sunday, probably going to a show.”

The Rosettis said they dodged the rain on their drive down, but, they don’t mind a little water.

“That’s what you got TV and stuff for and you know, sit out here and have some adult beverages and watch it rain,” Rosetti said.

The Rosetti’s camping trip down to Table Rock Lake is their last booked camping trip for the year. They plan on going to other places since it will no longer be peak camping season.

“We just come and relax,” Rosetti said. “Get away from everybody, get away from the house and the phones and get away from work.”

Both families are looking forward to the drier holiday weekend.