CHILLICOTHE, Mo. — The attorney for the woman accused of killing a woman 20 years ago while she was a respiratory therapist said his client will turn herself in.

Jennifer Hall has been charged with killing Fern Franco at the Hedrick Medical Center on May 18, 2002. Hall’s attorney, Matt O’Connor spoke to FOX4 Wednesday.

“We’re trying to arrange a surrendering of her,” he said Wednesday. “I just want to do it in the way that I’m trying to give her enough time to prep for it.”

O’Connor said Hall is still in the area, but he would not say where. The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office has Hall on their ‘Most Wanted List.’

“She’s not a risk of flight because she would have left years ago,” O’Connor said Wednesday.

The probable cause statement released by the Livingston County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office tells a different tale. Officer Brian G. Schmidt believes Hall is a “danger to the community and to others.”

Franco had succinylcholine and morphine in her body, substances not used to treat a pneumonia patient.

The statement said that because of Hall’s proximity to stricken patients and her access to pharmaceuticals which are deadly if misused,

Hedrick Medical Center staff believe Hall was responsible for the patient deaths.

Nine people died at the hospital during the time Hall worked there between December of 2001 and May of 2002.

Hall’s only being charged with Franco’s death though. Franco’s granddaughter’s seeking justice in her grandmother’s death. O’Connor doesn’t believe his client’s responsible for any of the deaths though.

“She didn’t do it, number one. Number two, she could not have done it. She did not have the means,” he continued. “Using the analogy, if this is a murder case where this is a shooting, she didn’t have a gun. She didn’t have access to a gun. She didn’t have access to bullets, none of them. They’re locked up. We’re talking about morphine and succinylcholine. Those are very regulated chemicals, and it paralyzes you for surgery. It’s not something you have anywhere but the OR and maybe in the emergency room, especially morphine, that’s not something that’s just lying around.”

Livingston County Prosecuting Attorney Adam Warren has filed the First-Degree Murder charge. He’s not commenting right now.