BAXTER COUNTY, Ark. – Deputies in Baxter County, Arkansas arrested a woman after finding her sitting on the side of a county road Sunday morning. She is accused of stealing mail and possessing drugs.

Deputies said they found Erika Rorie on County Road 28, sitting by the side of the road. According to deputies, Rorie was sitting among several articles of mail addressed to various people who lived in the area. Rorie told deputies she was picking up her boyfriend’s mail.

Deputies arrested Rorie and found 33 pieces of mail in her possession. She faces 33 charges of misdemeanor theft for allegedly taking the mail.

Deputies also said they found suspected methamphetamine, prescription pills, marijuana and brass knuckles in Rorie’s possession. She faces three felony drug charges and two misdemeanor drug charges in addition to the charges for mail theft.

Rorie was released from jail after posting bond and will appear in court on September 19.