REEDS SPRING, Mo. — Crews are working to repair a well in Reeds Spring after lightning struck and created a hole in the side of the pump.

Out of the three wells that provide water to Reeds Spring, the damaged one is the largest and happens to be the one that provides water to the schools, so classes were canceled Monday.

Reeds Spring Mayor Rob Chamberlin said reports came in Sunday afternoon that water pressure was down in that area, and city officials immediately called the pump service. Monday morning, crews pulled the pump out.

The water outage affects not only the schools in Reeds Spring but also several neighborhoods, according to Jenny Dye, the Reeds Spring City Clerk. These include Barrington Oaks, Echo Valley, part of Craig Street, and Three Pines.

Dye said the damage to the pump was surprising because the city installed the pump only a year and a half ago. She said they budgeted for extra pumps this year just in case there was an emergency, and she is glad the city had that foresight.

Dye said as long as there are no more storms, crews should have water flowing Monday night or Tuesday morning.

In the meantime, anyone who needs water can bring a jug to Reeds Spring City Hall, which is fed by one of the city’s other two pumps.

Chamberlin explained those two pumps are would not be able to supply the entire affected area with water, even though there is a valve that can be opened.

A boil order will be in place until the water is tested.

Dye said crews will put chlorine tabs in the well, then Tri-Lakes Environmental Services will help flush it out. Chamberlin added Missouri’s Department of Natural Resources will test the water.

That approval process could take one to three days, and until then, people who live in the affected areas should boil any water they plan to consume.

Mayor Chamberlin said the city appreciated everyone’s patience, “We are working as fast and diligently as we can, just like yesterday we immediately contacted the pump service and they were out there first thing this morning, we appreciated that.”