SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Today marks 25 years since three women vanished from a home in Springfield.   Tonight the community will come together to remember the lives of Stacy McCall, Suzanne Streeter, and her mother, Sherrill Levitt. 

The Victim’s Memorial Garden in Phelps Grove Park in Springfield Is a somber place where families can pause and remember those lost to violence.  Hailey Owens is remembered here, as are the area victims of 9-11.

But tonight, the community will celebrate the lives of three women whose final story is still unwritten.

“She had $50 in cash and she had her swimming suit and she had her little bitty makeup thing that was just a little makeup pouch and I said, aren’t you going to take a towel and she said, ‘No, I’ll just use one of theirs. I don’t want to get mine dirty,'” remembers Janis McCall, whose daughter, Stacy, vanished on June 7, 1992. 

Janis says June 7, 1992 changed her and the community forever. “She headed off and we said our goodbyes and kissed good bye.”

It’s then that two high school graduates and a mother would disappear without a trace, only to leave investigators and family members looking for answers. 

“Had no idea that, that would be the last time we would see our daughter,” McCall says.

Janis McCall can’t believe the case is at the 25 year mark.  “Would love to know where she was. I’d love to bring her back and be able to have a service for them.” 

She still holds up hope that she gets the answers to her daughters disappearance.  “I have no idea where they went , who took them, You know I would love it. Absolutely love it. If they called me. If one of them call me.”

McCall and Sherrill Levitt’s sister, Deb Schwartz, say few understand their nightmare.  “But, you know what. That doesn’t matter because I know that God’s got this. He’s the one that I put my faith in and I know that he’s not going to let harm come to her anymore.”

“The most important thing is that this person is caught and punished. And that this person doesn’t do this ever again to anybody,” Schwartz says. 

Neither woman believes their loved ones are still alive. “When you’re dealing with no answers it seems like the worst thing,” Schwartz says.  But no one knows exactly what happened. 

“If you know something say something absolutely that would be my biggest hope for this.”

The families have never given up hope the three will be found.

“Hopefully people are watching or looking at this will say you know, that they have someone they love,” says Schwartz.  “Whoever it is. Wife, mother, sister and put themselves in the place of losing them like this and come forward.”

Everyone is invited to join and share in celebrating the lives of the three missing women’s  at the Victims Memorial Garden, starting at 7:30 p.m.  You’re asked to bring a battery operated candle for the observance.