GREEN COUNTY, Mo. — Rain or shine, families made their way to firework stands before the 4th of July.

However, some buyers noticed something different, whether it’s the price or the items on the shelves.

“Things have been a little tight as far as being able to find specific types and or styles of different types of fireworks.” Tami Towe said.

Towe manages a firework stand for Crazy Cheap Fireworks on North Glenstone Avenue. She said she hasn’t seen a huge drop in customers but noticed something else.

“I would say we have a lot more carpooling going on this year. You know, people trying to conserve gas for their budget because they still want to come out and spend.” Towe said. “They’re kind of making one big trip instead of multiple little trips in order to save their money.”

One customer at the stand says prices this year have changed the number of fireworks he’ll take home.

“I just picked up five packs of five sparklers for six bucks. That’s a big difference to what I paid last year,” Josh Wright said, adding that they went to the stand last year and got two or three baskets full of fireworks. “I’m not going to be able to do that this year.”

North of Springfield, another firework stand, like many across America is seeing prices change.

“The increase normally is in the newer stuff. I do see, like, instead of spending $100, they might just be spending $60. You know, I see a lot of that.” Wayne Hughes said.

Hughes manages a firework stand that originally sold fireworks in Buffalo, Missouri.

While many customers throughout America could encounter sticker shock, other said the price at the checkout wasn’t as they expected.

“Depends on which stand you really go to, but it ain’t near as bad as what I was expecting, to be honest with you.” Justin Layton said.