SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Former President Bill Clinton made a stop in Springfield Friday to campaign for his wife’s candidacy for president. 
President Clinton said he is enjoying the campaign trail this year because he feels the Democrats are doing a better job of discussing the issues than the Republicans. 
Clinton mainly discussed domestic issues, saying his wife will enact policies that will make all Americans rise together. 
President Clinton rarely mentioned Sen. Bernie Sanders by name in his speech today, but he said voters have a clear choice in this election between a far-left and a just left-of-center direction for the country. 
“You want to elect someone who has a record as long as your arm of getting things done across party lines or do you believe we can affect a revolution that will vanquish everyone who disagrees with us,” Clinton said. 
Clinton pointed out that almost 9 out of every 10 Americans have health coverage now. 
Instead of taking on the task of moving to a single-payer system, Clinton believes Missouri should expand Medicaid and Congress should strengthen the Affordable Care Act with ideas like giving the government greater power to bargain with pharmaceutical companies on the cost of drugs. 
“Why would we waste a lot of time fighting over this when we can spend the time getting to 100 percent and fixing the problems?” Clinton said. 
Clinton also sympathizes with the millions of Americans who are paying back student loans. 
“Look at what’s happening in Missouri,” Clinton said. “You get a Republican legislature. They’re legally obligated to fund the public schools. So they want to cut taxes or whatever and they do — they cut back on higher education and it drives tuition up.” 
The president said his wife would provide more federal work-study money to current students and would allow current borrowers to make manageable payments for 20 years and have the rest forgiven. 
Clinton also said the minimum wage needs to be raised to $12 an hour. 
“But if you raise it to $15 in rural Arkansas or rural Mississippi or rural Missouri, there would be a lot of places that couldn’t support it,” Clinton said. 
Clinton said no one comes close to being as qualified a man or woman for the job as his wife. 
“The most important thing is that she’s the best change maker I ever knew and you want somebody that actually gets something done,” Clinton said. 
President Clinton also stopped in Kansas City Friday. 
The former president said he enjoyed being back in the Ozarks, as the former president and his wife taught law school in Fayetteville, Arkansas for a number of years and were married there.