SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — As some allergy sufferers might have noticed…The allergen count here in the Ozarks has been pretty high.

According to the Springfield Greene County Health Department, mold and grass are both at high levels right now. Trees and weeds are moderate. 
This has of course caused some pretty persistent sniffles for some folks. KOLR10 caught up with a local allergist who says this season is particularly bad.
“We are very busy this time of the year. This particular year we had a really mild winter so the pollen season has started particularly early this year, it’s been particularly hard,” says Silvia Hubner of Mercy Hospital. 
Some tips to get try to avoid the allergen filled air:
– Clean the air with a product like a Hepa room air cleaner
– Keep windows closed
– Make sure your air conditioner has a new air filter