Ozarks Tonight: Dixon Wants to tell Greene’s Story as Presiding Commissioner


[The following is a transcript of the Ozarks Tonight segment, which has been lightly edited for our OzarksFirst.com readers. A full audio version of the interview is available through the podcast link here.]

And welcome. We’re joined tonight by state senator Bob Dixon, who is also a Republican candidate for presiding commissioner in Greene County. Senator, thanks for being here, appreciate your time. And I think the question on everyone’s mind is why this race? Why is it so important for you to have the position as the alternate Republican given that the incumbent, Bob Cirtin, is running for reelection? 


Well, it’s a bit of a long story, but I’ll make it short. Some community leaders came to me and just pleaded with me to get in the race because of the problems in Greene County. I spoke with my wife and our daughters and I decided with them that we could not sit there in good conscience and not make ourselves available as an alternative so that the people would have a choice in the primary. 

You’re talking about allegations of misappropriated resources in county funds and that sort of thing? 

The real issue is the presiding commissioner was advised by the county attorney of what a certain course of action should be, and his response quoted was in the county e-mails was, “what are the consequences if we do it anyway?”  Well, we all found out with those consequences are. It’s $267,000 spent to defend the county, and it was spent on Kansas City attorneys. 

What is your vision for Greene County as presiding commissioner? 

We’re the economic engine of the state. There’s a million people in our M.S.A. Regionally, we’re a leader. We should be telling that story, not the story that has played out because of terrible choices on the part of the presiding commissioner. 

My vision is to, number one: we follow the law. Number two: we treat everybody with respect, and when we do that, that courthouse and the 800 people that work at the county, we can do great things. We can do great things and there are some incredible people that work there. A little bit of principled leadership will make us, I think, extremely successful. There’s some great things going on in Greene County and we need to be telling that story.

The primary is August 7.

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