JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.- The Missouri House unanimously votes to expel Rep. Rick Roeber Wednesday after the Ethics Committee found the allegations of sexual and physical abuse of his children to be credible.

Jefferson City Nexstar Reporter Emily Manley says the last time a member was expelled was 1865. Roeber was not in the House chamber for the vote.

“The damage he did to his own family is unfathomable,” says Ethics Committee Chair Travis Fitzwater.

Earlier this week, the House Ethics Committee released a report and found the allegations made by his now-adult children to be credible.

“Rep. Roeber is not fit to serve in this body, and the recommendation of expulsion by the committee should be followed,” ranking minority member of the Ethics Committee Richard Brown said.

According to the report, the Kansas City Star reported in September 2020 that two of Roeber’s children were abused by him when they were young. When this report was published, Roeber was a candidate for the 34th District in Missouri’s House of Representatives.

Shortly after the election, Roeber’s children asked the House to consider his fitness to serve as a representative.

The committee found accusations of sexual and physical abuse, including an incident that left one child with a scarred eyelid.