As Election Day nears, the political rhetoric intensifies

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – With just four days until Election Day, the political jabs have intensified between Governor Parson and Democratic challenger Auditor Nicole Galloway. Both candidates have told their supporters how they feel about their opponent.

Yesterday, Ozarks First visited Galloway’s rallies in Marshfield and Springfield. In both cities, the Auditor didn’t shy away from criticizing Parson’s tenure.

In Marshfield, she mentioned the Governor’s response to COVID-19.

“[Governor Parson] declared ‘mission accomplished’ over COVID-19 in May,” Galloway said. “If you are not willing to recognize that we have an issue, that hospitalizations are up at dangerous levels all across the state, that positivity rates are up across the state, that tens of thousands of Missourians have left the labor force under Parson’s COVID economy because they can’t find a job. If you are not willing to recognize the issues that we face that are meaningful to you and your community, how can you even put forth a solution to address it?”

Galloway also talked about the most heartbreaking decisions she has seen from Parson. She says the “Governor cut 100,000 kids off their health insurance.”

“These children, these parents, they did nothing wrong,” Galloway said. “They were showing up at routine doctor’s appointments and getting turned away because Governor Parson kicked them off their healthcare. In visiting with these mothers, they are telling me these personal stories about how they were turned away. They felt like they had failed their children… But, the truth is, these women, these fathers did not fail their children. Governor Parson failed them. And… we will hold Governor Parson accountable for that.”

In Springfield, she discussed how Parson got started as Governor. As you may recall, Parson was sworn in after Governor Eric Greitens resigned back in 2018.

“The corruption of our politics is how Governor Parson got to where he is,” Galloway said. “He has risen through the ranks of the establishment with the help of some very powerful friends that are now spending millions to hold onto power so that they can get what they want while Missouri families struggle.”

She continued with her speech, switching the subject to illegal gambling machines.

“The operators of those machines have given Governor Parson’s political apparatus thousands of dollars in campaign contributions,” Galloway said. “And you know what they got in return? He cut the budget from the investigators to root out the illegal gambling machines. He figured out a way for himself to win. He figured out a way for insiders to win while Missouri families lose again. We don’t have to settle for this. We don’t have to say that the status quo is good enough.”

In both cities, the Auditor had a message for Parson regarding the way she thinks his actions have affected children.

“If you mess with my family and my kids, I will have a word with you,” Galloway said. “If you mess with all of Missouri’s children, I will build an army, I will run against you, and I will win.”

On the other side of the political aisle, Republican Governor Mike Parson has given similar jabs.

Parson held a rally tonight in Springfield with former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and other Missouri statewide elected officials, including Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft and State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders spoke in support of Parson, and also against his opponent Nicole Galloway.

“A vote for Nicole Galloway is a vote for chaos,” Sanders said. “And, we cannot let that happen.”

When Parson hit the stage, he didn’t let his thoughts about his opponent go unnoticed.

“My opponent runs with the people that want to defund our military,” Governor Parson said. “My opponent wants to defund the police… My opponent has a big fat ‘F’ with the NRA, so that should tell you something… My opponent has never created a job in her life.”

He also claims that Galloway once had a fundraiser to celebrate abortion.

“At 11:00, when most of us are in church,” Parson said. “If you joined her celebration of abortion, you would get a free cocktail. That’s not Missouri values.”

Parson also spoke about Galloway’s endorsements.

“My opponent is endorsed by Bernie Sanders,” Parson said. “My opponent is endorsed by Elizabeth Warren. My opponent is endorsed by Kamala Harris. Do you remember what Harris said? She said if Congress doesn’t act in 100 days, ‘I will come to your house and take your guns.’ Not in my house.”

Watch highlights of Governor Parson’s speech below:

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