OSAGE BEACH, Mo. — An Osage Beach man was arrested on charges of kidnapping, assault, and harassment.

Mark Eugene Dickey, 63, of Osage Beach was arrested after Osage Beach Police Department officers responded to a 3:18 a.m. Thursday report about suspicious activity. According to a probable cause statement, the person who called the police said that a woman had knocked on their door saying that there was a “huge problem.” The caller let the police know where the woman lived and that she lived with Dickey.

As the police were looking for the woman, they ran into Dickey sitting in a Toyota Camry with a popped tire on the side of the road. He admitted that he and the woman had been in a fight, but that it was only verbal.

Police traveled with Dickey to his home. When they arrived, police saw a woman inside appear to hide when she saw them. After entering the home, they found the woman hiding in a closet. Police asked her if she was alright.

“Yeah, I got a [expletive] load of marks,” said the woman as reported in the police statement. “You wanna see what he did to me?”

The woman had bruises and abrasions — some old, some new — on her right leg and left hand. The woman said that Dickey caused them but then asked the officers to leave before they made things worse. She said Dickey made her sleep on the floor with a dog and in a closet, regularly beat her, disallowed her to shower, chose when she could eat, strangled her in the bathtub, and kept her as a “sex slave,” among other abuses.

Dickey had an initial court appearance scheduled today, Sept. 12, at 9:15 a.m.