No Glasses? Other Options for Eclipse Viewing


Across the U.S., the excitement over Monday’s upcoming solar eclipse has caused a run on safe viewing glasses.  They’re increasingly hard to find.  But there are other safe viewing options you can make yourself.

“All the places I’ve talked to have already run out of glasses.”  You can’t find them locally.

“All of them are backordered and the shipment dates were past the date of the eclipses obviously completely pointless.”

And ordering them online now is nearly impossible or incredibly expensive.

“They’re kind of price gouging now cause when I first got them on Amazon I think I paid $6 for him and now they’re at they’re going for $60.”

Your only option now may be a watch party at a local library.

“We will have 150 pairs of glasses to give out to the first hundred fifty people who show up on Monday morning.”

But if you don’t want to get up early to wait in line. There is another way to watch – looking down.

“You basically take two pieces of paper or cardboard and you make a pinhole in the piece of paper. You put the other piece of paper on the ground and let the sun go through that other pinhole and watch the different phases of the eclipse indirectly on that piece of paper.”

The effect may be more dramatic when enclosed in a box.  Get step-by-step directions from NASA here

“You can have more complex ones like a box, where you project an image of the sun into the back of the box and look at it that way.”

There is even a unique way Mother Nature can give you a show.

“In fact the trees will act as a pinholes too. The leaves in the trees will  if you go stand next to a tree, you will see the little crescents shapes all over.”

(KOVR for CBS News)

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