NIXA, Mo. — After being requested by many citizens in the town of Nixa, the city’s chamber of commerce has decided to hold a city-wide garage sale starting today, Sept. 22.

The sale will list for the rest of the weekend, giving people looking for deals on used items a chance to find something for their own homes.

People who want to register their garage sales in Nixa can go to the city’s website page for the event. If you registered before Monday, Sept. 19, you will get two free garage sale signs provided by Harris Law of Nixa. When you register online, your sale will be made to the public.

A digital map has been made available of all the garage sales in Nixa you can visit this weekend, and each entry has a description of everything the owner has to sell.

The list of items on sale vary from Mason jars to clothing and furniture to children’s toys. 

Last year, Nixa had over 21,000 views on their garage sale map. Organizers anticipate that the event will be even more popular this year.