NIXA, Mo. — In Greek, the word “Aetos” means “eagle.” The Nixa Eagles — along with every other school in the Nixa district — will have a new single location for all choir, band, and theatre performances and allow all schools a professional performance venue.

Nixa Superintendent Dr. Gearl Loden says the students benefitting from the Aetos performance center will receive a top-notch education.

“We are finishing our bond projects and the Aetos center for the performing arts that we’re constructing is an 1,100-seat auditorium that will be completed which is really gonna give our band, choir, and theatre students a top-notch education second to none,“ Loden said.

Loden says the Nixa community showed continuous support with the passage of a ballot issue that allowed the district to expand its performing arts opportunities throughout the district.

Aetos’ grand opening will be February of 2023.

Another project paid for by the community is the new turf replacement at the Nixa High School Eagle Stadium.

Dr. Loden says he is thankful to have voters in the community supportive of the schools.

“Voters are very supportive of the schools. [Nixa is] a community that raises the funds for you to have new turf, which is kind of exciting to have gray turf.” said Loden.

The new turf will be used by not only the football team but the band, as well as track and field and other performances.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held at 6 p.m. on Sept. 2. at Eagle stadium.