Nixa police crack down on turn lane violators


NIXA, Mo. – Nixa Police says you may be using the center turning lane incorrectly. Now, they’re cracking down on drivers misusing the center turning lane.  

Police in Nixa started to give out warnings today to people that misuse center turn lanes.  

KOLR10 spoke with Sgt. Daugherty with the Nixa Police Department about the goal of this campaign.  

“Our overall goal it’s to, of course, reduce the number of traffic accidents we see here, in Nixa,” said Daugherty.  

Nixa PD is focused on two violations: using the center turn lane as a lane to merge with other traffic, and people that drive in the center turn lane for too long.  

“People entering the center turn lane way too soon and then they just drive in that center turn lane for quite a way,” said Daugherty. “The other issue that we’ve been seeing is people are in that center turn lane using it as a merge lane. So, they’re just trying to get up to speed with the other traffic and then move over that’s not what it’s for it’s there for.  

Sgt. Daugherty says he wants everyone to know they’re going to be stopping people that violate the center turning lane laws, but one Nixa mom says she’s happy about the extra attention the issue is getting. KOLR10 asked if she felt safer driving, knowing police are cracking down on the problem. 

“Yes. Especially now that it’s spring and the kids are out walking around, you know, I see kids everywhere. It’s one thing I love about Nixa, is that somebody’s always walking around saying hi.” 

The police department hopes a catchy phrase will help people remember how to properly make a safe and legal turn. 

“As corny as it sounds, it’s a center turn lane,” Sgt. Daugherty said. “Not a cruising lane or center merge lane or center driving lane. That’s the easiest way to remember what to do in that lane. We want the public to know that we’re out there doing this enforcement for their safety. We’re not out there trying to ruin anyone’s day or anything like that.” 

The main locations Nixa Police will focus heavily on are along Highway 14, Nicholas Road near Nixa High School and Aldersgate near Walmart. 

While the Nixa Police Department is giving out warnings now, they’ll have zero tolerance and start handing out violations starting next Friday.

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