“I could have lost my life yesterday” barber injured in crash speaks out

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BATON ROUGE, La. (WVLA) – On any given day 

“We have our busy days, we’re on our feet 12 to 13 hours.”

Top Notch Barber Shop on Burbank is buzzing with customers. 

“Thursday, Friday, Saturday, we’re on our feet nonstop.”

Tuesday afternoon, barber Louis Pinkney was standing outside the shop on the phone with his sister and minutes later.

“He hit the column, he hit me, threw me, hit my car and a couple of my coworkers cars and that was it, I was on the ground” said Pinkney, sitting in a chair next to his cutting station.

Within a matter of seconds, Pinkney went from having a casual conversation to become a victim of a stolen car crash.

“From my understanding, the little guys took their uncle car for a joy ride and this was the conclusion to it.”

After being thrown into the air and falling near his now totaled car, Pinkney was rushed to the hospital.

“I have a fractured right leg, my back is killing me, my tail bone hurting, a couple of bruises on my arms and scratches and stuff like that.”

Sitting next to his chair that will be empty for some time, Pinkney said, though his injuries will prevent him from working, he’s thankful to be back in the shop.

“I could have lost my life yesterday. At first, I was mad with him, I’m not going to sit up here and lie to you. The more I sit and with my age, I can’t get upset, I can just thank God I’m still here.”

Pinkney said, despite all that happened, there’s a lesson to be learned.

“Don’t make dumb decisions like that, I know we all are kids I was kid myself at one time but be prepared for what comes with that, think about all the damage you can do to somebody.

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