East Texas elementary student raises money for his school

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ALTO, Texas (KETK) – The generosity and benevolence in Alto seems to never stop, now an elementary school student has stepped up to support his school.

After seeing all the damage he couldn’t sit still, so he’s raising money for the benefit of his community.

Shortly after the April 13 tornadoes obliterated parts of Alto, people from all over lined up to help; from the rival school, to a Jeep club, to SFA offering their baseball field to Whataburger presenting a check.

Now one fourth grader is joining their ranks.

“I felt like we needed to do this,” Luke Kesinger, Alto fourth-grader said. “Helping people that were in need.”

Luke’s cleanup efforts started right away by cleaning debris out of people’s yards.

But he knew there was more to be done.

“He said ‘mom we’ve got to do something, I can’t stop by just helping in the yards,'” said Nadine Kesinger, Alto Elementary School teacher.

So they began brain-storming and eventually made a decision.

“We decided to make shirts,” Luke Kesinger said.

A simple and yet effective idea and for Luke it was the fulfillment of something he knew he had to do.

“I couldn’t get to sleep because I really wanted to do something,” said Luke Kesinger.

The pair found a company to make their shirts, who only keeps 20% of the profit with the rest going to the school.

“He raised $200 through the company,” said Nadine Kesinger. “That was money that went directly to Miss West.”

The district can use that money however they see fit and Luke had the privilege of delivering the cash personallY.

“It was exciting and the superintendent thought I was coming to talk about my summer break but I was really coming to bring money,” said Luke Kesinger. “She started jumping up and down.”

There are still shirts for sale for the benefit of Alto ISD, to buy one just click the button.

As recovery continues the Caddo Mounds Historical Site still needs your help.

People there are still trying to clear the ground from debris and they need help.

Volunteers are needed for work this saturday, it all starts at 9 a-m and goes on until 2 in the afternoon.

If you want to join, they ask for you to RSVP.

Click here for more information on that.

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