AUSTIN, Tx. – Chick-fil-A is using self-driving robots to deliver meals to customers.

Refraction AI is an autonomous robot delivery company. On May 31, the company announced they will be deploying a fleet of self-driving vehicles to provide energy-efficient meal deliveries at two Chick-fil-A restaurants located in downtown Austin, Texas.

Refraction AI’s vehicle travels in the margin of the road or in a bike lane which avoids the speed, distance and regulatory constraints of being on the sidewalk.

According to Refraction AI’s website, customers will receive a series of texts confirming that their order will be delivered via robot, then with an estimated arrival time as soon as your order is picked up from the restaurant. The last message you receive will provide a code to unlock the robot and retrieve your order.

A demonstration of the robot can be seen here.

According to, Refraction AI serves the restaurant, grocery and retail categories with an offering that improves delivery performance, reduces carbon emissions by 90%, and reduces energy consumption by 80%, all at a fraction of the cost of conventional delivery.

According to, the robot is about the same size as a person on a bike measuring four and a half feet in both height and length, 30 inches in width, and 150 pounds in weight. The vehicles can travel up to 15 miles per hour and hold the equivalent of six grocery bags.