AUSTIN, Ark. – A sergeant with the Arkansas Army National Guard is trying to track down the driver who killed her best friend, a three-year-old husky.

Molly was more than just a four-legged friend to the Austin family. She was also their therapy dog.
“I lost my best friend,” said Torie Kaiser. “She was my baby. She was very compassionate, very loving and caring.”

That’s why Kaiser was in the process of training Molly to be a full-service therapy dog for places like VA hospitals.

“Help her comfort other people because that’s what she was really good at,” she said.

Kaiser said the husky has helped her friends struggling with depression and PTSD, her sister struggling with abuse, and even her when she came back home from deployment in Kuwait.

“If I was upset about anything at all, she was right there beside me,” she said. “I mean, she wouldn’t leave my side.”

But now Molly isn’t there. While Kaiser was celebrating Thanksgiving with her family, her beloved husky was hit by a car.

Kaiser blames herself for Molly getting loose. She turned off the electric fence that day.

However, Kaiser blames the driver for her dog’s death. She said the person responsible took more than her best friend and she wants it back.

“I know they stopped because they took her collar,” she said. “So they knew what they hit.”

At first, Kaiser thought the driver took the electric fence collar for a reason.

“Maybe took it and contacted me but it’s been a few days now and nobody has,” she said. “I have no clue why anybody would do something like that. If I hit somebody’s dog, I would think that I would do my best to find the owners.”

Now that’s all she wants. Kaiser can never replace her best friend, but she can have her collar to remember her by.

“I guess maybe to just get some closure,” she said.

Molly only needed a couple more months of training to become a full-service therapy dog.

In her memory, Kaiser is looking for another husky to continue where they left off.