SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Do you let your pets sleep in your bed?

Dr. Barbara Bumberry, a physician at Mercy, is here with the science behind it.

Dr. Bumberry says 80 million households in the U.S. have pets and over half of them let their pets sleep with them.

Here are the benefits:

Dr. Bumberry says sleeping with your pets can help decrease anxiety, depression, stress, and loneliness. People can feel more secure when they’re sleeping with their pets.

People who are prone to nightmares, like children or people with PTSD, may feel more comfortable when they wake up and have a pet with them.

Some dogs have been trained to wake up their owners if they’re having a nightmare or lock the door if the person is sleepwalking.

If anything, it can create a better bond with your pet.

The cons:

Dr. Bumberry says there are some infections you can get from your pets, like cat scratch fever; salmonella from reptiles amphibians, or poultry; and other infections from bites or scratches.

Some dogs are territorial, so if other animals try to get on the bed they can act territorial.

Sleeping with your pets can also exacerbate allergies if you have any.