MedDay – June 19, 2019

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NEW YORK (CBS News) — Suicide rates for adolescents and young adults in the U.S. have increased to their highest point since the year 2000. Data from the CDC shows more than 6200 suicides in 2017 among people ages 15-24, more than 5000 of them were males.

New research finds only one in five women in the UK attending breast clinics and screening appointments knew that alcohol use can increase the risk of breast cancer. Alcohol use is estimated to be responsible for up to 11% of breast cancer cases.

A new study finds up to 95% of people working in healthcare settings have worked while sick. Health experts say that’s dangerous because when viral infections are transmitted in the hospital to patients or coworkers that can lead to significant illness and sometimes death.

Those are some of the day’s top health stories.
Kenneth Craig, CBS News – New York

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