MedDay – July 5, 2019

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NEW YORK (CBS News) — A strain of the common cold may be the key to beating bladder cancer. Researchers in England exposed fifteen patients to a strain of the coxsackie virus. They found the virus inflames tumors causing the immune system to react and kill cancer cells while leaving healthy cells intact. In one patient, the virus completely removed all trace of the disease.

A new study suggests a small chemical change could make the difference in preventing some of the major risk factors of diabetes and heart disease. Researchers at the University of Utah found deactivating a certain enzyme in mice prevented the onset of insulin resistance and fatty liver. It also reversed pre-diabetes in obese mice. Researchers say the findings could lead to new treatment for metabolic disease.

And new research finds a strong association between the rapid expansion of the prison and jail population over the last 30 years and drug-related deaths in the United States. Researchers from Oxford say the link persists even after taking into account the role of opioid prescription rates.

Those are some of the day’s top health stories.
Hilary Lane, CBS News – New York

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