Mom Speaks Out After Car Stolen with Infant Inside


ST. LOUIS — We’re hearing from the mother of an infant who was taken in a stolen car on Christmas Day.

D’Anna Williams says she was only 20 or 30 feet away from her running car when a 16-year-old jumped inside it and took off with the car and her 6-month-old baby.

As Molly Rose reports, Williams is just happy to have her baby boy back and says she will never leave him in the car again.

Cell phone video shows frantic moments from the back of a St. Louis City patrol car while this mother helps search for her 6-month-old baby Anakin.

Williams says she went back to her Tower Grove South home because she forgot to lock the door but someone swiped her running car before she could get back to it.

“In that moment, all I thought was I am not going to see my son again,” Williams said.

It happened just before 11 on Christmas morning in the 3400 block of Spring Avenue.

“It replays in my head over and over it is on repeat right now and all I can hear is the tire screeching and seeing the back of my car,” Williams said.

“Did you get a good look at him?” an officer asked.

“No,” Williams said. 

Williams says minutes after she called 911 police were on scene and took her to a report of a baby left on a front porch, just one block away from her home.

When they arrived, the shaken mother was reunited with her baby.

“When they knocked on the door and a lady answered and I wasn’t facing her and she was like ‘is this your baby?’ And I turned and looked and it was Anakin,” Williams said. 

Police say after leaving the baby on a stranger’s front porch on a bitterly cold day the teen drove off and was arrested half a mile later, after trying to run from officers.

Now, this mother has a warning for other parents, after experiencing the lesson of a lifetime:

“Don’t leave your kids in the car for any reason,” Williams said.

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