SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — According to a new study, Missouri is the ninth-most unhappy state in the nation.

The study comes from WalletHub, which measured several quality-of-life indicators to rank each state in terms of happiness. Those indicators were:

  • Emotional & Physical Well-Being.
  • Work Environment.
  • Community & Environment.

Missouri took 40th place for the best state for emotional and physical well-being, which was heavily weighted, bringing down the state’s ranking even further. The Show-Me State was in the middle of the ranking for its work environment: 27th place. Missouri was the 35th best state in terms of community and environment. These scores made Missouri the 41st happiest state in the nation.

The only states more unhappy than Missouri, according to the study, are:

42. New Mexico

43. Tennessee

44. Oklahoma

45. Mississippi

46. Alabama

47. Kentucky

48. Arkansas

49. Louisiana

50. West Virginia

The happiest state in the nation is Hawaii.