JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Two new potential bills passed by the Missouri House of Representatives, would require voters to show photo ID’s before casting ballots. The new measures are getting responses from supporters and critics alike.

“Only the people who are legally registered to vote, should vote. And on election day, the easiest way to confirm that is with a picture ID that has not only the name and address of the person, but also their pictures,” said Nick Myers, a CPA in Joplin.

“It’s just an attempt to prevent a certain segment of the population from being able to vote, from being able to register to vote,” said William Fleischaker, a civil and criminal attorney in Missouri.

Supporters argue that the laws aren’t inconvenient because a majority of residents have some form of photo ID already.

“Voting is important, so it’s important that the right people who are registered to vote, actually do go out and vote. So, I think voter ID and what the Missouri Legislature is doing is a good idea,” Myers explained.

Critics believe those without an ID should not need to purchase one just to vote.

“Our Constitution is built on the idea that it shouldn’t cost anything to vote, and you know, it’s been decades and decades since we abolished pole taxes and now we’re trying to reinstate the same thing by making people have photo ID,” said Fleischaker.

One of the main issues surrounds voter fraud and whether this bill will prevent it or bring up a problem that doesn’t exist.

“I believe it’s really important that people who are legally registered to vote are the only people who actually vote and have their votes count,” said Myers.

“We’re trying to fix a problem that doesn’t exist, and there is really an ulterior motive,” said Fleischaker.

There have been several attempts in stricter voter ID laws in the last decade. Current Missouri Governor Jay Nixon vetoed several voter ID bills in the past. For now, the bills will wait to be approved by the Senate.