SPRINGFIELD, Mo.–It’s an exciting day for Robin Gilmore- she’s the co-owner of Ms. Gilmore’s Tea Room and Vintage Suitcase. After two long years, the Missouri Hotel located down the street from her business will get new life. “I’m just thrilled that it’s finally going to open up. You know it’s kind of an eye sore. Papers all over the windows.”

The building was once a homeless shelter owned and operated by The Kitchen Inc.-an organization committed to ending hunger and homelessness, but with any building that’s decades old the upkeep can become expensive.

The Kitchen Inc. CEO Rorie Orgeron is happy the building has finally sold. “Just trying to keep the building standing up straight and not falling down was a big part of the day a lot of times.”

Now the responsibility will rest in the hands of Historic Commercial Developments LLC. They have purchased the building from The Kitchen Inc. for an undisclosed amount of money and The Kitchen Inc. assumes they’ll use the space for apartments or retail. Whatever it ends up being used for, Robin hopes it’ll bring more traffic to the area.”I have so many people coming in that have no idea that we’re even here and they’re shocked at what the downtown area is like.” 

With the sale of the Missouri Hotel, The Kitchen Inc. will be relocating their operations to a new campus with a price tag of $4-million. They hope to break ground no later than fall of 2017.

We tried reaching out to the new owners of the Missouri Hotel to find out what their plans are for the building and what the timetable is, but we never received a response.

However, we do know that a press conference will be coming up later to reveal those details.