SPRINGFIELD, MO–Polls show millennial heavily favor the Vermont Senator over other candidates. The youth’s vote has a potential influence on the election outcome, but having gained a reputation of being least likely to hit the polls.
Whether young voters across the country chose to voice their votes, it won’t be known until election day.
Missouri State University student Torrie King, tells us, “our opinions really do matter because we make up such a big part of the population.”
“A great opportunity to look at a group of candidates and see who we want to be our leader  and just have the great option to voice that opinion, “ says Missouri State graduate Carly Totsch.
The statistics don’t always reflect these students enthusiasm.According to Associate Professor  of Political Science at Missouri State, Dr. Kevin Pybas,”tells us the reasoning for the decrease in voting from millennial is due to many distractions today,and often turned off by political issues because of the lack of knowledge. 
“If the people take no interest in the government, republican government doesn’t work,” says Dr. Pybas. 
Dr. Pybas tries to convey to his students during his lectures the importance of letting their voices be heard and seeing the changes they want to been seen in the future. 
“People are ruling over you. People make decisions  that effect your life. Now the fact that you go and vote may not change those decisions that are being made, but you can be made certain if you don’t vote that you’re not going to have any influence”
Dr. Pybas adds he  understands young people’s frustrations because there is a lot cynicism that comes from on top. It is rational not to vote. 
King tells us, “if we don’t vote, our opinions will never be heard and change is never going to happen for what we want to happen for our future. 
“What difference do I make? Well by yourself you don’t make much difference, but again if everyone takes that attitude there is no communal effort,” according to Dr. Kevin Pybas.
Now it’s just a matter of exercising that power.