SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The first presidential campaign made its way into Springfield on Feb. 9.

Mike Bloomberg’s “Get It Done” express bus stopped at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

About 60 people showed up to the meet and greet with Bloomberg’s campaign.

While Bloomberg himself was not there, Louisville, Kentucky Mayor Greg Fischer was there campaigning on his behalf, introduced by Springfield Representative Crystal Quade.

About 60 people were there for the meet and greet that really turned into a classic town hall, with two Trump supporters waving flags just next door.

The biggest issues discussed were healthcare and helping those just released from prison to get back on their feet.

“The Democratic Primary is going to be starting up soon, here, and it’s very important,” Fischer said. “Springfield is the heart of this region and has frequently been consequential in elections so Mike Bloomberg is taking his campaign to all parts of the country right now, including Missouri. We’ve got an unprecedented investment in Missouri right now — five offices. We’ll have up to 50 staff members getting the message out that Mike Bloomberg, we think, is singularly qualified to beat Donald Trump.”

If you plan on voting in the Missouri presidential primary on March 10, the last day to register to vote is this Wednesday, 2/12/2020.